AIC kapsowar Nursing School is such a great place to be. It was indeed an amazing experience being part of the college family.Getting through Nursing school is not an easy task ; however with the help and commitment from the faculty, my dream to be a nurse was finally realised. AIC kapsowar nursing School molded me into the great nurse that I am today and on top of that helped me to nurture my leadership and people skills. It created such a solid foundation and I am a proud alumni.



I joined AICKapsowar School of NursinginMarch2012tostart myjourneyinthisnobleprogram.Ifoundandopennesswith which I was welcomed in the program with full confidence and support of the faculty and Staff ;confidence that I could truly be successful in this my chosen path. The college offers a serene learning environment with a lot of resources at the student disposal such as well equipped library,computerlab and a modern skills lab. I like the facts that the college has many other programs to nurture leadership skills,community support programs through and competitive indoor and out door sporting activities.My experience at AIC Kapsowar School of Nursing was really amazing and am I glad I made the right decision in joining their nursing program.