AIC Kapsowar MTC is located at Kapsowar Hospital in Marakwet West Sub-County, Elgeiyo-MarakwetCounty, in Kenya. The School was started in August 2008 and approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) to train Kenya Registered Community Health Nurses (KRCHN). The School admits in the months of March and September every year.


The rationale of starting a basic course in the college is guided by the following factors:-
  • The need increasing demand for Community health nurses in Kenya and globally
  • The college has lecturers who are trained in both BScN/KRCHN who have long experiences in both teaching and clinical practice.
  • Accessibility to AIC Kapsowar mission Hospital and Iten County and referral hospital which will be utilized for clinical practice because of their proximity to our college.
  • Transport availability from AIC Kapsowar MTC will make it easier for us to follow our students in clinical areas.
  • Availability of a hostel that can accommodate a capacity of 224 students who may require accommodation, lecture rooms with capacity of 40 students each, a modern library with a capacity of 70 students at a time and ICT centre hosting 10 computers all connected to internet. The school also enjoys free Wi-Fi which can enable students’ access internet for learning whenever they are within the school premises. The college also has successfully developed and equipped the skills laboratory with adequate learning facilities as prescribed by NCK